Skandinaavia vaikus

Skandinaavia vaikusSkandinavisches Schweigen / Scandinavian Silence

Competition Narrative Films, Estonia / France / Belgium 2019, 75 Min., eston. OV, engl. st

In a snow-covered Estonian woods, a young man gets into the car with a taciturn woman at the wheel. When she doesn’t react to anything he says, he addresses his sister, the driver apparently, and reveals some joint childhood memories of theirs. During his monologue, he hints at her father’s sexual abuse of her – and the patricide he committed. In the film’s second act, it is the young man who remains silent while the sister calls up details of the event … In quiet black-and-white images, alternating monologues expose human guilt and responsibility. “Scandinavian Silence”, a radically reductionist road movie in format, remains ambiguous. While the car becomes a mobile confessional, a camera drone hovers like the eye of god above the frozen winter landscape, which remains resolutely silent about all the horrors.

Director Martti Helde

Screenplay Martti Helde, Nathaniel Price

Producer Elina Llitvinova

Production Company Three Brothers

Cast Rea Lest (Frau), Reimo Sagor (Mann), Kaido Veermäe, Katre Kaseleht (Paar im Restaurant), Mai Kallas (Kassiererin), Priit Kirsiste, Danel Kitshard (Polizisten)


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