Sternwarte@Fulldome: Sternenlicht über LübeckSternwarte@Fulldome: Starlight above Lübeck

Events, Germany 2018

Experience astronomy live on the Klingenberg! Take a safe look at the sun with various telescopes and observe the dynamic processes on the surface of the sun. In the evening you travel to the stars. We show the visitor the most beautiful constellations from the city and some beautiful objects in space. With models the visitor is explained the movements of the planets in the inner solar system and real shooting stars from space are shown to touch. In the lecture "Sternenlicht über Lübeck" we will take you on a colourful journey through the universe. All pictures in this lecture were taken by amateur astronomers of the Lübeck observatory in and around Lübeck.


No screenings are available for this film.