Nörtti: DragonSlayer666

Nörtti: DragonSlayer666Nerd: DragonSlayer666 E1-8 / DragonSlayer666 E1-8

Series, Finland 2018, 8 x 12 Min., fin., engl., sw. OV, engl. st, 12 years and older

"DragonSlayer666 is just a few levels away from realising his dream to be a professional gamer. Then his mother throws his computer away. She’s had enough of seeing her pimply son with his greasy hair sitting around in his blacked-out bedroom, peeing into a bottle. Without a computer, the boy’s hope of qualifying for the approaching Counter Strike tournament seems to recede into the far distance. It’s back to reality for DragonSlayer666 as he goes looking for another way to access the virtual world. During his first stumbling steps AFK in a call centre, he finds a kindred soul in Megaman, an unsuccessful gamer. Playing at night in the school’s computer room, the two dub themselves “The Awesome Team” and set no less a goal than winning the upcoming tournament. The series is based on Aleksi Delikouras’ YouTube character DragonSlayer666 and his young adult book series “Nörtti”."

Series Creator Aleksi Delikouras

Director Aleksi Delikouras

Screenplay Aleksi Delikouras

Producer Riina Hyytiä, Max Malka

Cast Samuel Kujala (Dragonslayer666), Eino Manner (Megaman), Raouf Saadi (Pinokkio), Cedric Ingram (Obama), Linnea Leino (Destroyer911), Juuso Timonen (Hannu)

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