HolsteinHerzHeart of Holstein

Filmforum, Germany 2018, 90 Min., ger. OV

For the captivatingly told story of Kiel’s traditional club, the filmmakers were able to draw on three great sources. First, the giant private archive of the deceased Holstein Kiel fan Fritz Hansen full of ancient photos, anecdotes and unknown stories. Second, his young and similarly passionate successors Frauke and Matthias Herman who work as honorary bloggers and photographers and who didn’t miss a single game during the successful season of 2017/2018. And third are the former players who talked about the KSV’s frequent ups and downs with lots of wit and dry humour. Incidentally, the KSV was founded nearly 120 years ago during a train ride to Lübeck where the players from Kiel were about to face off against the Lübecker Turnerschaft’s team.

Director Jess Hansen, Johanna Jannsen

Producer Andreas Raddatz, Patrick Ach

Cast Frauke und Matthias Hermann u. v. m.

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