Chinesische Radikale

Chinesische RadikaleChinese Radicals

Filmforum, Germany 2018, 24 Min., ger. OV

"Chinese artist and calligrapher Ping Qiu and historian Jürgen Bönig visit the former printing plant J.J. Augustin in Glückstadt. While rummaging around, they discover print matrices of long-forgotten Chinese characters. Where did they come from and what were they used for? The search for answers takes them all the way to the printing department of Hamburg’s Museum der Arbeit (museum of industry)."

Director Maria Hemmleb, Artur Dieckhoff

Screenplay Christian Bau, Artur Dieckhoff

Cast Ping Qiu, Dr. Jörgen Bönig, Daniel Janssen, Erich Hirsch

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