HamnstadHafenstadt / Port of Call

Retrospective, Sweden 1948, 99 Min., sw. OV, engl. st, FSK 16

After eight years at sea, sailor Gösta returns to Gothenburg, where he finds work at the port. In a dance club, he meets a young woman who recently tried to kill herself. Berit and Gösta spend the night together. While they are spending a weekend in a country hotel together, she tells him how she spent time in a reformatory, and about her relationships with a variety of men. He is deeply disappointed in her. Reform school, suicide, abortion, pre-marital sex – with no fear of taboos, Ingmar Bergmann explores the realities of Sweden’s post-war society. Influenced in structure by Italian neo-realism and indebted in content to French existentialism, this early Bergmann film set in a port city investigates the question of an individual’s responsibility for their own life.

Director Ingmar Bergman

Screenplay Ingmar Bergman, Olle Länsberg

Producer Harald Molander

Cast Nine-Christine Jönsson (Berit), Bengt Eklund (Gösta), Berta Hall (Mutter), Mimi Nelson (Gertrud)

Trailer n.v.

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