TweenerBrottas / Ringen

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2018, 15 Min., sw. OV, engl. st, ger. VoiceOver, 10 years and older

"When they go to the mat together, Jaana and Bettan give no quarter. With one move after the next, they bring each other down. Whether it’s during wrestling practice or afterwards, the two girls count on each other, trust each other, and have the same goal – making it to the advanced group. Then suddenly, a new boy joins the training. A precisely choreographed portrait of a friendship in transition."

Director Julia Thelin

Screenplay Julia Thelin

Producer Eliza Jones, Markus Waltå

Cast Ellen Bökman (Jaana), Nadine Chaouch (Bettan), Alexej Manvelov (Viktor)

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