Zara og dei: Gorillahjerne til middag

Zara og dei: Gorillahjerne til middagZara und die anderen: Gorilla-Gehirn zum Abendessen / Zara and the Others: Gorilla Brains for Dinner

Children´s and Youth Films, Norway 2017, 8 Min., norw. OV, engl. st, ger. VoiceOver, 6 years and older

There are wild rumours going around about Zara and her parents. Like how they are selling stolen kids at the flea market, for instance. “The people think we’re odd,” Zara says. Her frequent nose bleeds or her dad’s habit of scaring kids aren’t making finding friends any easier for her, either. But then Zara does find somebody who feels at home with her creepy family.

Director Nils Johan Lund, Bjørn Sortland

Screenplay Bjørn Sortland

Producer Bjørn Sortland

Cast Hanna Andenes (Erzählerin)

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