By the PoolPirtis / Sauna

Children´s and Youth Films, Lithuania 2017, 17 Min., lith. OV, engl. st, 14 years and older

Before being turned into a sewing room, the old basement with its sauna is rented out for a party. A group of teenagers bring everything that’s needed for hefty celebrations – beer, vodka, orange juice, and music. The next morning, everything is neat and tidy. But then the landlord and his mother discover a young girl in the basement. Scene by scene, the film hones our attention to what’s happening off-screen.

Director Laurynas Bareiša

Screenplay Laurynas Bareiša

Producer Klementina Remeikaite

Cast Karolina Kildaitė, Kamilė Maksvytytė, Danas Kavaliauskas, Mantas Šalkauskas, Jolanta Dapkūnaitė, Paulius Markevičius.


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