Bize un Neguļa

Pigtail and Mr. SleeplessnessBize un Neguļa / Zopf und Herr Schlaflosigkeit

Children´s and Youth Films, Latvia 2017, 25 Min., engl. OV, ger. VoiceOver, 4 years and older

Actually, the six-year-old girl Pigtail would rather have a sister. Especially one who’s not screaming all the time. Pigtail plans to fly to the moon with the blue furry creature Mr Sleeplessness who’s living in her closet. Then her parents would miss her alright. Sending her little brother there would be even better, and a rocket is quickly found.

Director Edmunds Jansons

Screenplay Lote Eglīte

Producer Sabīne Andersone



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