Ruksīša ceļojums

Ruksīša ceļojumsSchweinchens Reise / Piglet’s Journey

Children´s and Youth Films, Latvia 2017, 14 Min., lat. OV, engl. st, ger. VoiceOver, 4 years and older

All the farm animals are diligently at work. Only the little piglet is slyly dodging work and thinking about taking a nap. When it hears about a banquet of acorns, roots and berries is waiting for it where its wild relatives live, it absconds from the farm. But there is danger in the forest. It’s a good thing that it can rely on its friends in need.

Director Dace Rīdūze

Screenplay Dace Rīdūze

Producer Māris Putniņš

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