VenetsiaVenedig / Venice

Children´s and Youth Films, Finland 2018, 14 Min., finn. OV, engli. st, 14 years and older

Vera used to be Ara’s best friend, but now the 16-year old has disappeared. She left several messages with cries for help on Ara’s cell phone. Was there something unnormal about Vera? And what’s “normal” supposed to mean, anyway? And what happens to old friendships when you’re trying to change your life? The film was made in cooperation with young women who are not living at home.

Director Jenni Tuli

Screenplay Jenni Tuli

Producer Jani Pösö

Cast Johanna Santalahti (Ara), Nanna Saarinen (Veera), Jenny Hämäläinen (Simba)

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No screenings are available for this film.