ValehtelijaLügnerin / Liar Girl

Children´s and Youth Films, Finland 2018, 15 Min., finn. OV, engl. st, ger. VoiceOver, 10 years and older

Being late for school, Liina comes up with an exciting lie: She had to look for her dog who had been chasing after a rabbit. Even though Rambo is technically her dad’s dog, he is in Thailand now. But in reality, Liina is pretty lonely until she hears a bark coming from the empty apartment in her house. Atmospheric film about an unexpected encounter.

Director Marjo Viitala

Screenplay Marjo Viitala

Producer Daniel Kuitunen, Kaisla Viitala

Cast Isa-Marie Aaltola (Liina), Aaro Airola (Jani), Elena Leeve (Lehrer)

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