Super FurballSupermarsu / Supermeerschweinchen

Children´s and Youth Films, Finland 2018, 85 Min., finn. OV, engl. st, ger. Voice Over, 8 years and older

Spiderman is old hat and Antboy is no competition. Joona Tena’s superhero film, based on Paula Noronen’s series of successful children’s books, introduces us to arguably the first super guinea pig in the genre. Emilia lives with her divorced mother and her mother’s new, greedy boyfriend on a modern housing estate. Emilia’s best friend is the class outcast; her worst enemy is the school bully. The only way out is superpowers. After being bitten by a guinea pig, she learns to fly, hits a baseball all the way to the edge of the city, and saves herring from poisoning in the toxic waters of the polluted Baltic. The action-packed film is laden with lovingly-drawn animation sequences, whimsical humour, and a rousing soundtrack. The superhero story harbours a wise tale about courage, friendship, being different – and environmental pollution.

Director Joona Tena

Screenplay Paula Noronen, Joona Tena

Producer Marko Talli

Cast Ella Jäppinen (Emilia), Viljami Lahti (Simo), Essi Hellén (Mutter), Eero Ritala (Vater), Arttu Wiskari (Stiefvater), Esko Salminen (Riesen-Meerschweinchen), Tommi Korpela (Lehrer)



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