Natta pappa henta oss

Natta pappa henta ossDie Nacht, als uns Papa abholte / The Night

Competition Documentaries, Norway / Belgium / Sweden 2017, 65 Min., norw. OV, engl. st

When you start examining your own childhood, you’re opening Pandora’s box, we hear at the start of this intimate trip into the past. The story of 11-year-old Steffan and his brother Robert is a cinematic settling of accounts with the life and suffering of their mother. Steffan Strandberg remembers his mother as somebody who wanted to be free, but ended up in a prison of her own making. His film is made up of animated sequences, reconstructions staged from memory, and Super 8 footage shot by the father of the two boys. The reconstructions evoke the feelings of the past – when the mother threw parties that lasted for days, the guests appear as monstrous shadows on the walls of the children’s room. But there are also happy moments. And one night, the brothers’ life takes a turn for the better.

Director Steffan Strandberg

Screenplay Steffan Strandberg

Producer Carsten Aanonsen

Cast Auen Elias Labdon, Gabriel Korneli Hammerseth, Helene Drangsholt, Kurt Baatz Strandberg, Robert Strandberg, Olav Strandberg

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