Eesti lood. Kerro 40

Estonian Stories. Kerro 40Eesti lood. Kerro 40 / Estnische Geschichten. Kerro 40

Documentary, Estonia 2017, 28 Min., estn. OV, engl. st

Celebrations are a must in rural areas, just like anywhere else. The inhabitants of Käro in Estonia created a place for themselves where they can play theatre, sing, dance and laugh. The Kerro is a family club where Estonian folklore has been practised for three generations. Now the 40th anniversary is fast approaching, and preparations for the next slogan party are running at full blast.

Director Aljona Suržikova

Screenplay Aljona Suržikova

Producer Sergei Trofimov

Cast Lembi, Inge, Timo


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