JuuredWurzeln / Roots

Competition Documentaries, Estonia 2018, 102 Min., estn., russ., engl. OV, engl. st

They ground us and support us, they provide us with what we need, permitting us to surpass ourselves and venture out into the world: Our own mother, our new partner and the family we ourselves have founded. But also: The rock on the beach we recall from our childhood, the house we just moved into, or the possessions we have from an earlier life in which everything had to be preserved. The six filmmakers have applied themselves to these themes, with each of them contributing a film to “Roots”. Each of their stories is unique in its own way. They are concerned with love accorded to special people and places, with letting go and holding on, with trust that is lost and found again, with the fragility of life, as well as with the courage to make a new start in spite of everything. As a whole, they reveal a multifaceted picture of the lives of Estonian women from different generations.

Director Nora Särak, Aljona Suržikova, Heilika Pikkov, Anna Hints, Moonika Siimets, Kersti Uibo

Producer Ülo Pikkov

Website http://www.silmviburlane.ee/docs/roots

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