Journal 64

The Purity of VengeanceJournal 64 / Verachtung

Specials, Denmark / Germany 2018, 119 Min., dan. OV, ger. st

When chief inspector Carl Mørck and his colleague Assad enter the scene of the crime in a Copenhagen flat, they're met with a grotesque sight. Three mummified corpses sit at a set table – and the fourth seat is not taken. Who are the dead, and for whom is the last place set? Their investigations lead Mørck and Assad to an old mental hospital on the little island of Sprogø with a dark past. “Licentious women” were once kidnapped and brought here, then abused. Is it possible that this dark chapter in Danish history is still not completely closed? A race against time to prevent further violence begins for the men of Department Q. This nail-biting fourth and last case for team Mørck and Assad features Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Fares Fares and was shot in North Germany and Denmark.

Director Christoffer Boe

Screenplay Jacob Møller

Producer Louise Vesth

Cast Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Carl Mørck), Fares Fares (Assad), Johanne L. Schmidt (Rose), Søren Pilmark (Marcus)


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