À La Dérive

À La DérivePauls Boot / Drifting Away

Filmforum, Germany / Spain / France 2016, 14 Min., engl. st

“A la dérive”: drifting away. This seems to describe what’s happening to Paul’s father. Severely depressed, he sleepwalks through life, becoming more and more transparent. Paul hopes to shake him up, so they can work on repairing their boat and go sailing again. In vain. The boy tries to understand what’s happening to his father, so he can help him before he disappears entirely.

Director Cyprien Clement-Delmas

Screenplay Cyprien Clement-Delmas

Cast Olivier Valiente (Vater), Khalil Toubal (Paul), Sylvie Santelli (Mutter)

Website www.aladerivefilm.com


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