Mörderische Stille

Mörderische StilleMurderous Silence

Filmforum, Germany 2016, 89 Min., germ. OV

Michael Kühnert, who runs a sailing school, discovers a body in the water. It’s the body of a former officer of the Dutch KFOR troops in Kosovo who has been stabbed to death. Lead detective Jan Holzer finds out the victim’s identity from a group of deaf sailors, with Kühnert interpreting since his wife, Elena, is also deaf. Jan Holzer is fascinated by the “mute communication”, but especially by Elena. Kühnert, himself a former special forces soldier who served in Kosovo, where he met Elena, claims he didn’t know the dead man. But Holzer senses that the couple are hiding something. While Holzer – plagued by his own feelings of guilt – delves ever deeper into the family’s secret, his assistant Amal Catack researches the murder victim’s past, and discovers a terrible crime.

Director Friedemann Fromm

Screenplay Friedemann Fromm

Cast Jan Josef Liefers (Jan Holzer), Peter Lohmeyer (Michael Kühnert), Silvie Testud (Elena Kühnert), Franziska Brandmeier (Sabin Kühnert), Ivan Anderson (Amal Catack)

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