Alles gut

Alles gutI'm okay

Filmforum, Germany 2016, 95 Min., germ. OV

For eight-year-old Djaner, his first day at school in Hamburg seems like wonderland. It’s classmate Lena’s birthday; she gets presents and the whole class sings for her. Djaner, a Roma from Macedonia, has only known school as a place to fear a beating and he’s speechless. The traumatised young boy has migrated to Hamburg with his brother and mother; the family hopes to finally live in peace. Meanwhile, 11-year-old Ghofran just wants to go home at first. She listens to Arabic rap and, in her head, she still lives in Syria, while her father Adel is busy fighting for them to be able to stay in Hamburg. At the school where she’s learning German, Ghofran meets other girls who are allowed to do everything – wear make-up, swim ... it’s a completely new experience and initially, she rejects it out of hand. With each day that passes, Ghofran becomes more and more confident and secure, while Djaner struggles with his pent-up rage.

Director Pia Lenz

Screenplay Pia Lenz


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