Irgendwo Zuhause

Irgendwo ZuhauseIrgendwo Zuhause - The Bigger Picture

Filmforum, Germany 2016, 30 Min., germ. OV, engl. st

Following the death of her beloved grandfather, 17-year-old Lena sinks deeply into mourning. She entrenches herself in a fairytale world, stops going to school, and, following a serious dispute with her parents, suddenly leaves home. Lena hitchhikes off aimlessly and meets 18-year-old Eric, who takes her along in his camper.

Director Thorben "Thowo" Wolkowski

Screenplay Thorben "Thowo" Wolkowski

Cast Carolin Dietrich (Lena Hoffstedt), Torben Appel (Eric), Maik Möller (Vater), Simona Brokmann (Mutter)


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