La Cigale et la Fourmi

La Cigale et la FourmiThe Cricket and the Ant

Filmforum, Germany 2015, 15 Min., germ., french OV, engl. st

It’s shortly before graduation, and 18-year-old Lena is only interested in one thing: her French teacher, Katharina. The two of them are bound by a passion that they can only express in unobserved moments, or during furtive trips to the sea. Though Lena would give up everything for her love of Katharina, the married teacher reluctantly comes to a decision.

Director Julia Ritschel

Screenplay Julia Ritschel

Camera Christiane Buchmann

Cast Elisa Schlott (Lena), Tabita Johannes (Katharina), Eva Nürnberg (Josefine)



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