Gjensyn med jungelfolket

Gjensyn med jungelfolketWiedersehen mit dem Dschungelvolk / Jungle Beyond

Retrospective, Norway 1950, 83 Min., norweg. OV

Per Høst made three journeys to the indigenous communities in Chocó, which had not yet been touched by the destructive exploitation of natural resources. “I felt it was my duty to produce a film that would give an account of a life form that was going to gradually disappear. So that I was at least preserving a picture of it the way I saw them when they were still free and independent children of nature.” Editing from more than 3000 metres of colour film, he put together a documentary with authentic music and sound. “I filmed them at work and at play; I captured the details of their agriculture, their hunts, their trapping and their fishing. We filmed their burial ceremonies, the work of the medicine men, many everyday scenes in the huts - but I was also able to show the natural world that surrounds them, the animals in the jungle.”

Director Per Høst

Screenplay Per Høst

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