Tod und Teufel

Tod und TeufelDeath and the Devil

Retrospective, Germany / Sweden 2009, 55 Min., germ. OV

This is a very personal film, as director Peter Nestler follows the tracks of his grandfather Eric von Rosen (1879-1948). The Swedish nobleman, who acquired Rockelstad Castle as a young man, was an explorer, big game hunter, photographer and adventurer. At the beginning of the 20th century, he undertook expeditions to Africa and South America, which he documented in photographs, research papers and his diaries. But he also had a dark side. He was among the founders of the Swedish Nazi party. The film is unusual in that the director relies entirely on his grandfather’s historical material, eschewing any forced attempt to complement it with newly-shot footage. This makes it an exciting trip back one hundred years in time, and an unusual search for clues to a personal family history. (Kay Hoffmann)

Director Peter Nestler

Screenplay Peter Nestler

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