Solan og Ludvig – Herfra til Flåklypa

Solan og Ludvig – Herfra til FlåklypaSolan und Ludvig – Das große Käserennen / Louis & Luca – The Big Cheese Race

Children´s and Youth Films, Norway 2015, 78 Min., German commentary, 5 years and older

The last cheese race between Flåklypa and Slidre was a draw. When the traditional rivalry between them flares up again after years, two teams of three set out to defend their villages’ honour. Whichever team manages to tow a wheel of cheese to the finish line first wins. But for Solan the magpie, hedgehog Ludvig and Reodor, there’s more at stake - they’re competing to save house and home. And the race proceeds at an unexpectedly tearing pace. In this action-packed stop-motion animated feature by Rasmus A. Sivertsen, the figures whirling across the screen are not just cartoons, but downright loveable characters. Even the secondary characters are designed with great detail. The hedgehog who can’t deal with life, the wild great ape, the drowsy TV reporter – they’re characters that will stick with audiences, young and old. “The Big Cheese Race” is a children’s film that will appeal to adults as well.

Director Rasmus A. Sivertsen

Screenplay Karsten Fullu

Cast Kari-Ann Grønsund (Solan), Trond Høivik (Ludvig), Per Skjølsvik (Reodor Felgen), Kåre Conradi (Frimand Pløsen)


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