DalurDas Tal / The Valley

Nordic Shorts, Faroe Islands / Denmark 2016, 30 Min., fär. OV, engl. st

When you take a taxi, you’re never quite sure who’s going to drive you. And when you drive a taxi, you’re never sure who’s going to get in next. Two broken souls meet in Heidrik á Heygum’s film. During the trip, they slowly realize that they’re each other’s last hope. A quiet, deeply sad road movie set in the striking landscape of the Faroe Islands.

Director Heidrik á Heygum

Screenplay Ólafur Egilsson

Cast Klæmint Henningsson Isaksen (Bjørn), Kristina Sundar Hansen (Gudrun)

Website www.facebook.com/dalur.by.heidrik

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