BlodssystrarBlutsschwestern / Blood Sisters

Competition Documentaries, Sweden / Ireland / Denmark / Finland / Norway / France 2015, 83 Min., swed. OV, engl. st

At the age of nine, Julia and Johanna were kidnapped in Azerbaijan, held captive for more than 28 days and sexually assaulted. In “Blood Sisters”, we meet two young women who survived a traumatising crime and found their way back to life. After escaping to Sweden, Julia and Johanna look to each other for strength and support. Their appalling shared past gives their seemingly steadfast bond a special significance. But when Johanna begins a career training programme in a different city, and Julia marries, their intimate togetherness comes to an end. How will each of them, on her own, deal with new challenges and the old trauma? How will each woman manage to develop her own identity when the experiences of the past keep catching up with them?

Director Malin Andersson

Screenplay Malin Andersson

Cast Julia und Johanna Yunusova



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