Mannen som kunne 75 språk

Mannen som kunne 75 språkDer Mann, der 75 Sprachen konnte / The Man Who Knew 75 Languages

Competition Documentaries, Norway / Lithuania / Poland 2016, 64 Min., OV, engl. st

At age 24, he published the first English-Turkish dictionary. He translated Bible passages into Bulgarian, Armenian or Kabylian and lived a life that took him all over Europe. Georg Sauerwein, born in Hanover in 1831, was considered an extraordinary talent, even during his lifetime. It has been established that he was fluent in at least 75 languages, spoken and written. The film uses animation and footage from places connected to him to tell the story of his eventful life. In 1857, Sauerwein was appointed private tutor to Princess Elisabeth of Wied to prepare her for marriage into a European royal house. It was a relationship that would have a profound influence on his life. He became a committed pacifist in opposition to the prevailing spirit of his era and an advocate for a Europe that lives from the abundance of its languages.

Director Anne Magnussen, Pawel Debski

Screenplay Anne Magnussen, Igor Devold

Cast Georg Sauerwein

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