FluktenDie Überfahrt / The Crossing

Competition Documentaries, Norway / India 2015, 55 Min., arab., engl. OV, engl. st

They fled Syria to Egypt. Now they want to keep going to Europe. Nabi is one of the best oud players of his generation. Rami is an IT specialist, Angela’s a TV reporter. Pharmacist Alaf fled with his son Mustafa. Mother of two Alia had to leave her children behind. “The Crossing” is an intense portrait of those six refugees. They cross the sea on an old, overcrowded boat. Rami documents the crossing with a camera that director George Kurian gave him. “If the boat sinks, it’s not my problem”, says one of the traffickers, calling it God’s will. The refugees are exposed to the scorching sun for a week. And their odyssey is far from over when they reach European shores. “The Crossing” does not airbrush the truth. The film presents unvarnished images of what it means to flee a war zone for Europe.

Director George Kurian

Screenplay George Kurian

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