Arctic Superstar

Arctic Superstar

Documentary, Norway 2016, 72 Min., norweg., sami, engl., russ. OV, engl. st

Snowy fields as far as the eye can see are really the last place you’d expect to find rap music. It would be difficult to imagine worse conditions for launching a show business career. Nonetheless, in his mid-20s, Nils Rune Utsi still hangs onto his dream of one day leaving the small studio in the basement of his mother’s place and becoming a world-famous pop star. That’s no mean feat if you live in the backwoods and rap in a language that has almost died out – even if you pattern yourself on Eminem. Simen Braathen follows this idealistic outsider respectfully with his camera. “Arctic Superstar” is about holding on to your own culture and the necessity of believing in yourself when nobody else does. As a plus, the music is, as it happens, really good.

Director Simen Braathen

Screenplay Simen Braathen

Cast Nils Rune Utsi, Ole Kristoffer Hætta, Lars André Svehagen, Marit Inga Utsi


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