HevnRache / Revenge

Competition Narrative Films, Norway / Canada 2015, 104 Min., norweg. OV, engl. st

Morten and his wife welcome Andrea warmly. The hotel manager is applying for the post of mayor and he seems to be a model citizen. But it soon emerges that neither he nor the travel journalist are who they seem to be. Andrea tells Morten’s wife that the writer’s sister took her own life. It soon becomes clear that she is seeking to avenge a crime committed years ago. Bit by bit, Andrea destroys Morten’s existence and pits the town’s residents against each other. And all she needs to start is a mobile phone. Within a few days after her arrival, the bourgeois facade begins to crumble. Later, a knife is involved. “Revenge” sports a brilliant cast, right down to the supporting players. In Kjersti Steinbø’s nerve-racking thriller, a ruthless plan for revenge unfolds against a stunning natural backdrop.

Director Kjersti Steinsbø

Screenplay Kjersti Steinsbø

Cast Siren Jørgensen (Rebekka), Frode Winther (Morten), Maria Bock (Nina), Anders Baasmo Christiansen (Bimbo), Trond Espen Seim (Ivar)


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