SventasisDer Heilige / The Saint

Competition Narrative Films, Lithuania / Poland 2016, 96 Min., lit. OV, engl. st

Vytas’ attempts to escape from his misery are in vain. He begins to neglect his wife and daughter and starts looking for work and for a new love. With minimal success. The application process the labour office orders him to do is complicated; so is the job interview. An affair with a hairdresser and a round of drinking with friends does nothing to fill the void. Then a video appears on YouTube in which a man from the neighbourhood claims to have seen Jesus. Vytas goes looking for him. Forcefully and with a touch of humour, “The Saint” illuminates how a lack of career prospects can affect a person’s private life. The large-scale images portray a Lithuania in which the poorer segments of the population are shut out through no fault of their own.

Director Andrius Blazevicius

Screenplay Andrius Blazevicius, Marija Kavtaradze, Tekle Kavtaradze

Cast Marius Repsys (Vytas), Indre Patkauskaite (Jurate), Gelmine Glemzaite (Marija),Valentinas Krulikovskis (Petras), Lukas Malinauskas (Der Heilige)

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