Die kleinste Armee der Welt

Die kleinste Armee der WeltThe World's Smallest Army

Filmforum, Germany / Austria 2015, 79 Min., germ. OV, engl. st

Hamon and Marcus, an Afghani and a German, traverse the Alps as the “Bavarian Taliban”, complete with turban and Kalashnikov. Hamon is fighting for naturalisation after twenty years without official status, and against the racism he faces daily in Germany. Marcus is fighting against war – small and large ones – and against the romantic image of Bavarians in traditional dress. Together they go on the offensive, testing the limits of German as well as Austrian tolerance at local pubs and rifle clubs. They present themselves as the good “Bavarian Taliban”, who have come to civilise the Alpine region. As cultural guerrillas, they mount folk entertainment at those primeval Germanic locations to see whether the modern-day mountain tribes will accept a stranger.

Director Martin Gerner

Screenplay Martin Gerner

Website martingerner.de


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