Der Tatortreiniger: Das freie Wochenende

Der Tatortreiniger: Das freie WochenendeCrime Scene Cleaner: Free Weekend

Filmforum, Germany 2015, 30 Min., germ. OV with audio description

Dagmar Drexler has a lot on her plate. She’s organising her father-in-law’s funeral and preparing for a big trade conference, meanwhile her marriage is on the rocks and she’s dealing with her daughter’s incessant whining. To top it all off, the crime scene cleaner seems to be incapable of getting rid of a bloodstain. Dagmar flips out and Schotty’s therapeutic skills are put to the test.

Director Arne Feldhusen

Screenplay Mizzi Meyer

Cast Annika Maier (Dagmar), Bjarne Mädel (Schotty)

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