StadtThe City

Filmforum, Germany 2015, 89 Min., no dialogue

A train enters the station, a crane operator gives a tired look, a little girl draws figures in the sand; a babble of voices in a call centre, police running to a call out, a beam of light pierces the darkness in a sewer, fireworks, people dancing in the night. A big city is a gigantic mechanism that is always in flux. One day after the next, people follow their own rhythm, searching for an open space. Timo Grosspietsch’s film is a narrative-free portrait of a day and a night in Hamburg that takes the audience to some unusual places. It’s an enthralling journey and award-winning jazz pianist Vladislav Sendecki, along with the NDR broadcast orchestra, has created an unusual soundtrack that ranges from classic jazz number to surprising spheres of sound.

Director Timo Großpietsch

Screenplay Timo Großpietsch



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