Filmforum, Germany 2015, 96 Min., germ. OV

In “Lutterbeker”, director and still photographer Linn Marx tells the story of the house where she grew up; a place that welcomes everyone – from a boozing farmer to a spiffed-up drag queen, poets and rock stars, and every other mini-celebrity on the circuit, not to mention solitary wanderers among the dunes. It’s a place where you can regularly see a trusty bicycle parked next to a Porsche, and a professor enjoying a glass of red wine next to a punk rocker. For 40 years now, The Lutterbeker has been a coveted place to do a gig and an infamous pub, but also a much-loved oasis of relaxation. Marx tells the story of the fascinating development of this northern German institution with a lively mix of documentary footage, interviews, stills, poems and quotes. At the very latest when you hear German chanteuse Ina Müller raving about the time she spent with the Marxes, you’ll know it’s time to check out The Lutterbeker.

Director Linn Marx

Screenplay Linn Marx

Cast Dirk Bach, Hallucination Company, Georgette Dee, Missfits, Kay Ray, Funk Connection, Tim Fischer, Arnulf Rating, Ina Müller, Magnets, Bodo Wartke, Schroeter & Breitfelder, Gerburg Jahnke, Hajo Sommers, Gesche Mumm, Wolfgang Marx, Strupp Marx


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