Polizeiruf 110: Im Schatten

Polizeiruf 110: Im SchattenAlarm 110: In the Shadow

Filmforum, Germany 2015, 87 Min., germ. OV with audio description

Working with the customs investigators, Katrin König and Alexander Bukow bust a drug courier and seize drugs with a value of 5.1 million euros. It’s a huge success and the two detectives go out to celebrate that evening. Sascha looks a little too deeply into Ms König’s eyes and a hangover is pre-programmed. The next day, the body of lead customs inspector Martin Angerer is found. He has been brutally murdered. He was on the trail of the Calabrian mafia “Ndrangheta”, which uses the Rostock docks as a key hub for its international drug trade. The Rostock team gets support in their investigation from Angerer’s colleague and protégé Jana Zander. They uncover a good lead, but the mafia is always one step ahead.

Director Philipp Leinemann

Screenplay Florian Oeller

Cast Anneke Kim Sarnau (Katrin König), Charly Hübner (Alexander Bukow), Elisabeth Baulitz (Jana Zander), Uwe Preuss (Henning Röder), Andreas Guenther (Anton Pöschel)

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