Utbüxen kann keeneen – Weglaufen kann keiner

Utbüxen kann keeneen – Weglaufen kann keinerNobody Gets Away

Filmforum, Germany 2015, 90 Min., lower german OV, germ. st

They’re carpenters, coffin makers, undertakers, gravediggers, pallbearers and the person chosen to bid villagers to attend a funeral. For these people, death is a part of their everyday life, but it remains something special. They live in East Frisia, Mecklenburg, Dithmarschen, on the North Sea islands of Hooge and Langeness, and each speaks one of the Plattdeutsch dialects. Many of them grew up in family businesses – such as Ernst Heinrich Tams, who remembers playing hide-and-seek in the empty coffins his father and grandfather built. Anni Both has a different story – she arrived on the remote island of Hooge as a midwife and, by necessity, had to take on the care of the dead as well. In their north German dialects, the protagonists relate what their daily dealings with death and the dead means to them. But what also becomes clear is that change is inevitable and, as this generation dies out, traditions die along with them.

Director Gisela Tuchtenhagen, Margot Neubert-Maric

Screenplay Gisela Tuchtenhagen, Margot Neubert-Maric

Cast Anni Both, Johann Petersen, Frieda Lau, Ernst Heinrich Tams, Jürgen Ehlers, Heinrich Warnk

Website www.utbuexen.com


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