Familie haben

Familie habenFamiliar Circles

Filmforum, Germany 2015, 130 Min., germ. OV, engl. st

The film looks at whether family conflicts are passed down from generation to generation, and what might be done to break that vicious circle. Jonas Rothlaender travels to Zurich, following a trail of discord in his family. After decades of no contact, he seeks out his grandfather Günther, who misappropriated millions from others and lost it in risky stock market gambles, including the entire fortune of Jonas’ grandmother, Anne. Günther is now 90, critically ill and indigent. He is obsessed with the idea of settling his “debts” before he dies, and is working on one last big deal. But when his daughter and Jonas’ mother, Bettina, shows up in Zurich in the hopes of a reconciliation with her father, Günther is once again incapable of recognizing what is really important.

Director Jonas Rothlaender

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