Il Capitano

Il CapitanoIl Capitano: A Swedish Requiem

Retrospective, Sweden 1991, 109 Min., swed. OV, engl. st

Summer in Sweden. A young couple sleeps in a car parked at the edge of a country road. They might be vacationers, except that the muzzle of a sawed-off shotgun is visible in the car. Jari and Minna are a pair of social misfits from Finland – he’s 23 and has a criminal record; she’s two years younger and pregnant. The two are driving aimlessly around northern Sweden, living from shoplifting and burglary. From time to time, they trade in one stolen car for the next one. But when they steal a bicycle, it triggers a catastrophe. Two shots ring out in the night. Based on true events, the story was adapted for the screen by Per Olov Enquist (“The Royal Physician’s Visit”). Although it was greeted with controversy in Sweden, this drama of a marginalised couple with no prospects won Jan Troell the Silver Bear as Best Director at the 1992 Berlin International Film Festival.

Director Jan Troell

Screenplay Per Olov Enquist

Cast Antti Reini (Jari), Maria Heiskanen (Minna), Berto Marklund (Polizist), Antti Vierikko (Jari als Junge), Harri Mallenius (Lehrer), Marjut Dahlström (Lehrerin)

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