Halvveis til Haugesund

Halvveis til HaugesundHalfway to Haugesund

Retrospective, Norway 1997, 71 Min., norweg. OV, engl. st

Without a car in Norway’s Telemark county, you’re pretty much up it without a paddle. But it might even be worse with a car, as Oslo’s cool organist Otto discovers to his chagrin, driving westward to a gig in Haugesund. Halfway there, he ends up stranded in the southern Norwegian provinces. The indolent backwoods inhabitants are less interested in Otto’s “speedway action organ” than they are in his Opel Diplomat, vintage 1969, which conceals a Chevrolet V8 engine under the hood. “Halfway to Haugesund” is a funny and affectionate satire of the urban-rural divide. In addition to embracing the road movie genre, the film also incorporates American hillbilly traditions by filling its ghost towns and remote farmsteads with an odd selection of hicks who are a lot slyer than they look. A trip to the Norwegian “heartland” that is worth every detour.

Director Harald Østgaard Lund

Screenplay Erling Dokk Holm, Harald Østgaard Lund

Cast Geir Brink Nilsen (Otto), Yasmind Syed (Farida), Peter Garden (Autohändler), Aslak Høgetveit (Bauer), Agnes Buen Garnås (Sängerin), Aasmund Nordstoga (Bankräuber)

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