Pidä huivista kiinni, Tatjana

Pidä huivista kiinni, TatjanaTatjana / Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana

Retrospective, Finland 1994, 62 Min., finn. OV, germ. st, FSK 12

Supplied with coffee and high-octane Finnish vodka, bachelor Valto and car mechanic Reino take off on a joyride in a refurbished Wolga limousine. Along the way, they are commandeered by a two Soviet tourists – Tatiana from Estonia and Klavdia from Belarus. The quartet travels to Tallinn, an overland journey marked by long stretches of silence and no shortage of comic misunderstandings. Only one of the Finns will return home. Although it’s set in the sixties with a rock-and-roll soundtrack, “Tatiana” is conceived as a contemporary film. Aki Kaurismäki said the “substance of the film is the canonisation of the speechlessness of the Finnish man”, while Peter von Bagh said “'Tatjana' is a fireworks display of codes and references, as well as being a journey through time. 'Tatiana' is quite simply the funniest film by Aki Kaurismäki. A stroke of genius”.

Director Aki Kaurismäki

Screenplay Aki Kaurismäki

Cast Kati Outinen (Tatjana), Matti Pellonpää (Reino), Kirsi Tykkyläinen (Klavdia), Mato Valtonen (Valto), Irma Junnilainen (Valtos Mutter)


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