Norge - et dikt i billeder

Norge - et dikt i billederSymphonie des Nordens. Eine Dichtung in Bild und Ton über Norwegens Landschaft / Northern Symphony

Retrospective, Norway 1938, 57 Min., no dialogue

At its premiere in Lübeck in 1938, this documentary made by writer and translator Julius Sandmeier was hailed as “a great cultural film that takes the form of a poem in pictures and sound, providing an absorbing portrayal of Norway’s magnificent nature, her mountains and fjords, her forests and glaciers, and with it, her population” (“Der Norden” 11/1938). Completely without dialogue, the film was geared toward the music of Viennese composer Karl Eisele, using Norwegian themes – “This film is a symphony of the Nordic world, which allows the viewer to experience the absolute of the landscape, beyond any description” (“Film Kurier”). It was even able to reel in the prosaic critics of Oslo’s daily “Dagbladet”, which noted that “the photography of the landscape and the animal life is excellent. There is the smell of fish and sea, birds abound, the surf roars. Everything is Norwegian life in a natural manner”.

Director Julius Sandmeier

Screenplay Gusse Fichter, Ellinor Hamsun

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