FlockenDie Herde / Flocking

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2015, 112 Min., swed. OV, engl. st, 16 years and older

The film is set in a small, pleasant village in northern Sweden, where everyone knows everyone else, each person has a job to do and everybody goes to church. But when 15-year-old Jennifer asserts that her classmate Alexander raped her, the idyll of small-town life is threatened and villagers rush to defend it. Alexander’s mother, the other schoolchildren, the pastor and, soon, the entire village accuse Jennifer of lying and turn against her. No matter how the juvenile court judge rules, the townspeople aren’t having any. Angry looks, ostracism and even violence turn the lives of Jennifer and the few people who stand by her into a nightmare. This very realistic film engages the audience’s attention. Despite the cruelty shown to the young woman at its centre, the film defies hasty judgements.

Director Beata Gårdeler

Screenplay Emma Broström

Cast Fatime Azemi (Jennifer), John Risto (Alexander), Eva Melander (Susanne), Jakob Öhrman (David), Malin Levanon (Mia)


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