LomasankaritDie Insel der Geheimnisse / The Island of Secrets

Children´s and Youth Films, Finland 2014, 87 Min., German commentary, 8 years and older

Finally, vacation! This year, 14-year-old Toni is spending the summer with his father, his new stepmother and her sons, Veeti and Aleksi. While the rest of the blended family is enjoying the sun and sea on the Greek island of Kos, Toni wants nothing more than to go home – his stepmother gets on his nerves and, as far as he’s concerned, his new stepbrothers are childish idiots. The only thing on the island he’s interested in is local girl Adriana. It’s just unfortunate that she’s a serious free diver, while he can barely put a toe in the water. Then Adriana is kidnapped and Toni is her only hope of rescue. Dealing with a missing treasure, unscrupulous smugglers and corrupt police, he doesn’t know whom to trust. There’s only one way out – he needs to join forces with Veeti and Aleksi and finally admit that you can’t always go at it alone.

Director Taavi Vartia

Screenplay Taavi Vartia, Karoliina Lindgren, Niklas Lindgren

Cast Nuutti Konttinen (Toni), Emil Auno (Veeti), Veikka Vainikka (Aleksi), Ifigeneia Tzola (Adriana), Ville Myllyrinne (Vater), Laura Malmivaara (Mutter)

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