Sámi Bojá

Sámi BojáJunger Sámi / Sámi Boy

Nordic Shorts, Norway 2015, 9 Min., sami OV, engl. st

From the outside, nothing about him is unusual. Mikkel goes about his work stoically, keeping an eye on his family's reindeer on the snowy plains, and herding them into their pen at night. Otherwise he sits silently in the living room. But his silence is deceptive; there's a struggle going on inside. Mikkel is a young Sami. The film is a cleverly directed allegory about the search for one's own identity.

Director Elle Sofe Henriksen

Screenplay Elle Sofe Henriksen

Cast Andte Gaup-Juuso (Mikkel), Juan Dante Murillo (Árru)

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