Giksasuvvon ealli

Giksasuvvon ealliDas leidende Tier / The Afflicted Animal

Nordic Shorts, Norway 2015, 15 Min., sami OV, engl. st

Ida's dog is sick, so she asks Eva the veterinarian for help. The animal isn't the only one suffering; Ida's mother is mute and never leaves her bed. A veil of sadness has descended on the family home. Ida needs her father, but he requires attention himself. And to him, Eva is more than just an old friend. A sensitive film with complex characters.

Director Egil Pedersen

Screenplay Egil Pedersen

Cast Tine E. S. Mikalsen (Ida), Egil Pedersen (Vater), Ingá M. Sarre (Eva)



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