Meistras ir Tatjana

Meistras ir TatjanaDer Meister und Tatjana / Master and Tatyana

Competition Documentaries, Lithuania 2014, 85 Min., lit., engl., russ. OV, engl. st

Photographer Vitas Luckus was a bohemian genius with a camera who was considered “The Master” in the Soviet art scene of the 1960s. He lived with his wife Tatyana and a lion in an apartment in Vilnius. Countless creative talents from all over the Soviet Union made the pilgrimage to visit, bringing offerings in the form of a bottle of wine. Luckus was a constant source of inspiration for other artists, creating photographic images that stick with you. They portray young artists as well as simple farm workers. But Luckus was often in conflict with the Soviet authorities and he died under tragic circumstances in 1987. His widow Tatyana later emigrated, moving to the USA. In the documentary, she shares not only her memories, but also the contents of Luckus’ archives. Combined with testimony from friends and colleagues of the photographer, the film becomes a rich portrait of an exceptional talent and his eventful life.

Director Giedre Zickyte

Screenplay Giedre Zickyte



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