Neredzama pilseta

Neredzama pilsetaDie unsichtbare Stadt / The Invisible City

Competition Documentaries, Latvia 2014, 68 Min., ukrain. OV, engl. st

According to an old Russian legend, only people who are pure in heart and soul can find the way to the invisible city of Kitezh, which disappeared without a trace when the Tatars attacked it. Igor is 30 and in a search for inner peace, he has achieved a sort of almost mystical rapture. He has lived in the Chernobyl exclusion zone for almost ten years. In the wake of the nuclear disaster, that region was deemed to be hell on Earth. But for Igor, it offers a chance to withdraw from the constraints of modern civilisation. He looks for equilibrium in archaic surroundings, where abandoned villages have long since been overgrown with plants and a few lifelong residents brave the threat of radiation poisoning. Here, the world seems far distant. Director Viestur Kairish uses precise imagery to explore the paradox of a place where destruction and contemplation are inextricably linked.

Director Viestur Kairish

Screenplay Viestur Kairish


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